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Our initial forays onto the Lake started over twenty years ago with two 24 foot canoes powered outboards. These were times of real adventure, venturing on a Lake that had remained largely unchartered since the 1970's after the initial exploration of the Lake by a scotsman Mr. Mc Connel. We experienced a whole new world, meeting the local people steeped in their culture and traditions as never seen before. From the Omo Delta region in the north via the prehistoric Koobi Fora (The Cradle of Mankind) down past Sibiloi Park and to the volcanic Central Island we journeyed.

Initial Boating Forays on Lake Turkana

Down past Central and South islands that stand etched against a beautiful backdrop of the Jade coloured waters of the lake we navigated, unto Nabuyatom (the volcanic/mud cone shaped dome.) The logistics and experiences from these safaris lead us to the introduction of our 2 metre beam Italian redesigned Felucca based canoes that were designed to handle the harsh open water conditions of the Mediterranean Sea. We complimented these with Boston whaler design based speedboats .

The early safaris and fishing trips on Lake Turkana


Our style of travel is beyond doubt unique. The activities and locations we camp in unparalleled. Our boats are all captained by licenced local coswain, all who before joining us were fishermen well versed on the lake and its environs. The boats and engines are kept in top condition through continuous maintenence by our experienced boat technicians based at our boat workshop in Kalokol. We continue to grow our fleet and variety of safaris and related boating activities.

A brief of some of our current boating activities on the lake

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